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Creating powerful synergies with 35 years of knowhow and experience in contracting and real estate activites, Ege Yapı is one of the leading construction companies thanks to its national and international experience. Ege Yapı is formed by İz Yapı and Ege Artfen İnşaat. The Group has so far successfully completed construction and real estate development of various projects including houses, offices, shopping centres and educational institutions with an area of approximately 1,000,000 m² in the domestic and overseas markets.

Ege Yapı currently carries on construction of 6 separate projects adding up to a construction area of 1,200,000 m². And its portfolio now includes award-winning Batışehir Project (Europe’s Best Mixed-Use Development Project), designed with Emlak Konut REIC pursuant to a “revenue sharing model” on a construction area of 818,000 m². Batışehir consists of 3,266 flats and residences, Doğa Oxford Quality School, Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, a shopping avenue, social spaces and wide landscapes. Therefore, Ege Yapı’s total construction area now exceeds 2,000,000 m².

Ege Yapı also develops overseas projects especially in countries such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Having garnered extensive experience in international markets, the company leads many innovative technologies in the construction industry. Building a hotel on İstanbul’s Beşiktaş coast which offers a world class comfort by the Bosporus with a Top-Down design best exemplifies this pioneering approach.

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